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7-6-10 Fished with two groups today. First group was from PA, my home state. The blues were cooperating around the inlet with a couple spanish mackerel throw in. The afternoon had a young man with a lot of energy to say the least. Marcus you are a fishing maniac. Had a great time with both groups, hope to see you next year.

7-5-10 Started this full day trip trolling the inlet with all the other boats. It was a little congested to say the least. We picked up good blue fish and spanish mackerel for an hour then the bite slowed down. We headed out to one of the towers to try for some AJ's and they were not hungry. Dropped the chum bag in and had 2 very nice sharls show up, circle the bait and would not bite, what the heck. Headed back in and got on another good blue fish bite. Thanks guys had a blast. Hoefully the weather will be better waether next year.

7-1-10 Three guys from PA fished with us today. The wind was blowing and the ocean turned agian so we stayed inside. Got on some very good croakers and had a blast. We laughed as much as we fished I think.

6-29-10 Wind, wind wind, stayed inshore and hit several different spots. Had good croaker, mullet and pigfish. Love having the kids onboard, makes the day too short.

6-28-10 Fished with two very nice groups today. The wind can't blow much harder without a hurricane nearby. We stayed in the sound and caught a lot of croaker. Several sea mullet but not as many as last week. Towards the end of the tide the bigger ones started to bite and we managed to put enough in the box for a good fish fry. Thanks guys, see you all next year.

6-26-10 Some Philly boys fished with us today. We tried the ocean but it was too rough. Headed back in and caught probably a 50-75 fish, flounder, croaker, sea mullet, pig fish. Really fun day inshore.

6-25-10 Had a half day trip looking for something big. We ran out about 6 miles till we found some blue water and a little life. Put the chum bag out and waited. It did not take long and the first fish showed up. 4 ft shark. Fun on light tackle. After we landed that one a big fin pops up a hundred yards out. Everyone gets excited to see a big shark coming in. Sadfully he did not take our bait. It was a great day to be on the water, very calm.

6-24-10 Had a full day trip today and the ocean turned over. The water was 15 degrees colder than yesterday, made for a rough day. We stopped at a wreck in the morning water was 61 degrees, stopped at the same wreck in the afternoon and it was 78. We caught tons of fish on the wrecks but nothing much for dinner. We did manage to get some good bluefish and a dolphin.


6-18-10 The weather was a bit windy but we managed to hide behind some islands and land some fish. The boat traffice was hectic, thought some of them were going to drop their anchor in our boat. We caught sea mullet, croaker, shark, flounder, pigfish, spot and bluefish. Great day with some great people, see you guys next year.

6-17-10 This after noon was the boys time on the water. Had three generations from KY. Proud to say the boys out fished the old men by a long shot. Best part was a 30 minute battle with a cownose ray. Other fish caught, flounder, pig fish, bluefish, croaker, see mullet and spot.

6-17-10 Had a very nice family from WV fish with me today. We stayed inshore for some croaker and sea mullet and they cooperated. We also caught several other species including pig fish, pin fish, blue crab and spot, made for a great half day trip.

6-16-10 We built a food chain !! I love doing that. We started out catching blues and spanish mackerel along the beach. Later in the morning we traded the Blue fish in for some amberjacks at one of the towers. We then headed out and bottom fished for some tilefish and black seabass. The bite was good then stopped all of a sudden. Next thing you know there is a fin up behind the boat. The hammerhead sharks showed up in full force. We saw several and managed to land an 8 footer. We took the best photos you can while keeping some distance and then released him. He surged at the side of the boat and broke the rod.

6-15-10 Had the Ohio boys back for their third time. They must just like abuse to keep coming back. We caught a 12-14ft hammerhead two years ago and they just keep wanting to do it agian. We did have a great day with a limit of Amberjacks and several released blacktip sharks, one of which was huge but got off after a spectacular jump. See you boys next year !

6-14-10 The weather and fishing where both good today. Had some of the best kids onboard I can remember. The croaker were very happy to bite the kids baits, maybe not so much the dad's. Thanks Nic, hope to see you guys next year.


6-11-10 Brian from KY was onboard today. Great guy, just wish the weather and fishing would have matched. The fog was the worst I have ever seen in the morning. We could not see more that 30 yards. Hung out at the Oregon Inlet bridge for a couple hours til the fog lifted. Caught a couple fish for bait. Headed out when the fog lifted and did manage to land a nice Amberjack. We bow fished for a couple hours, but the fish where a little to deep for us to hit. Thanks for going out Brian and I will see you in Sept.

6-10-10 Had a couple PA boys come down to fish. Slow going and then the bite started, we boated 20 some blue fish in a couple minutes. Time to start a food chain. We swapped a bunch of little fish for bigger fish. The Amberjacks love bluefish for lunch. Thanks guys see you next year.

6-9-10 Over all we had a good day of fishing. The wind blew but not quite as bad as they predicted. We tried going out the inlet but that did not work well. Just too rough. Came back in and fished the Oregon Inlet bridge and caught a bunch of flounder. Mostly through backs but we did land one very nice keeper. Caught several other small fish too. After that bite slowed we headed back in the sound and found a pretty good blue fish bite and also caught a bunch of croakers. Great group, good weather what more could you ask for.

6-8-10 Had a group of WV boys today. We trolled north of the inlet for an hour with out a bite. Did not mark any bait and there was not a bird to be seen. We headed out to the tower and there was lots of life there. Water was 71 degrees and the fish where there, to bad that they did not want to bite. We had several cobia and amberjack follow the baits but would not bite. Spade fish all over. They will not be too lucky next time cause we will have the bows with us. Thanks goodness the tilefish cooperated, we got our limit and a couple sea bass to boot.


6-6-10 Wind, waves and more wind. We could not get far off the beach due to weather. Thankfully the blue fish hung out near the inlet for us. We trolled for a while and managed to have some pretty steady action. Couple were nice size, much bigger than last week. We had a mystery bite on a big spoon. The drag started to scream then it went silent. Probably a cobia but we'll never know. Water temps are still low. Come on warm water !

6-2-10 NJ George was back on board. We were determined to catch something bigger today. Catching bait was pretty easy as the croakers were biting good. After we had a livewell full we headed south of the inlet until we had some warm water and hit a couple wrecks. The ones with life had some good Amberjacks on them. We caught a bunch and kept going lighter on the tackle. They are a blast and when you use the right equipment. The weather turned on us and visibility went from 10 miles to 100 yards in no time, thank God for radar.

6-1-10 Had a three generation group onboard. We caught fish bottom fishing, trolling and chumming. Not bad in 6 hours. We caught croakers, blue fish, Spanish mackerel, and black tip sharks. 

5-30-10 Had a NJ boy in town for a couple days of fishing. We hit a couple wrecks and picked up several black sea bass, but only two keepers.. The water is still cold and should warm up any day. We dropped and got our limit of tilefish in less than 30 minutes. Had some excitement when around an 8 ft shark showed up right under the boat. We tried to hook him but he was he not interested. Same with a couple big eye tuna. 

5-24-10 Like an dummy I forgot the camera. We had a good day bottom fishing and caught a couple blues trolling south of the inlet. We bottom fished in the sound in the morning and did very good on the croakers. They did not have much in the way of size but we plentiful. They will get bigger as the summer goes on.

5-20-10 Best weather of the week. Thank goodness, I was getting tired of the rain, cold and waves. We trolled outside of the inlet and had a good bite of blue fish. Had 2 and 3 on at a time. We where using light tackle which made it a blast. Caught one nice Black Sea Bass on a wreck and that was it. Wish he would have told all of his buddies to come join him for dinner.

5-19-10 Half day trip with some WV boys. We marked tons of bait outside the inlet, the dolphin and birds where there too but the fish did not want to play. We came back inside and drifted. Picked up some small flounder and skate.

5-18-10  Wow, the weather. It was raining sideways, I think in both directions. We did manage to get out for a couple hours in the morning. We went to a spot that gave us a little wind brake but the grass was horrible. We moved back in a little cove and picked up some blue fish, flounder and skate. Little Jay had a good time and was the toughest guy one board in the bad conditions.


5-15-10 Had three great guys charter us today. The forecast looked good but as it happens so many times the forecast was not correct. We picked up some live bait in the morning then headed out the inlet. It was not bad heading out of Oregon Inlet but it turned ugly around 11:00 and the ride home looked bad. We fished some structure about 12 miles out and picked up some really nice Black Sea Bass. After an hour there we headed further out looking for some Tilefish and hopefully a grouper. The Tilefish cooperated but the grouper did not. We picked up our limit of Tilefish in 2 short drifts and headed back in. We stopped half way at some more structure and added a couple more good sea bass to the cooler.


5-12-2010 Half day trip today. The wind was kicking, around 20 kt out of the west. made it a little rough. We trolled around the inlet and managed to pick up a couple blue fish.

 5-11-2010 Full day trip with a group from Kentucky. We got on a good top water bite earl in the day. The birds where pushing the blues around and you could not stay on them very long till they would move on. We managed to get a couple in the boat before the bite ended. We did some bottom fishing around the inlet and caught several skates and rays. One was pretty big and put up a good fight on the light tackle we were using. Water temp was around 60 and the inlet. It will warm up and the fishing will get much better


 4-20-2010  Took a make up charter out for some deep drop fishing. We went about 25 miles southeast and fished in 250-300 Ft. Fred hooked up as soon as his rig hit the bottom. It did not take us long to get our limit of delicious tile fish. The sea bass where cooperating too. We would catch 2-3 sea bass for each tile fish. There where a lot of small ones mixed in so they went back to grow up. Around noon Brian dropped his rigged and it took off for parts unknown. Definitely not a sea bass or tile fish. 2.5 hours later we landed an 11.5 ft thresher shark.  Not a bad start to 2010, give us a call to book a trip. 252-982-6930